The things you find in your computer that you forgot you had!

This was a cool shot from Red Hot Superstars where I got to portray both of my characters in one show.  Here’s me as Lady Gaga in the Grand Sierra Theater in Reno. And no I cannot see with those glasses on, but I think it is worth it.  Happy Saturday.


Coty Alexander as Lady Gaga at the Grand Sierra Casino Theater, Reno, NV.

The next shot is a fan photo that I treasure.


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I have so much work to get into costume. Check out some of my costumes as Madonna.

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Presenting for the 2014 Global Gaming Awards

I’m so excited to be a Celebrity presenter for the upcoming G2E Awards in Las Vegas. I get to share the stage with Brad Garrett and will be announcing the award for the Independent Talent Buyer.  I can’t wait!


Viva Legends at Mill Bay Casino.

Our show got cancelled last week due to some changes on the roster.  We are set to head to Washington again! Madonna, Michael, Aretha and Elvis will be making an appearance in their outdoor amphitheater.  It should be a beautiful night.  All one name acts.  It’s going to be an awesome show!  Hope to see you there.

Mill Bay Casino

455 Wapato Lake Road

Manson, WA 98831