Lady Gaga-Super Bowl halftime. That’s my Jam!

Ok, so Lady Gaga just went old school with her greatest hits including Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Telephone, and dove through the building.  I’m sure she was singing live!  I loved it.

Well, if you want to hire someone to come and perform at your next event or fabulous party, give me a call!  I’ll be less expensive than Lady Gaga.



Elvis week in Memphis.

Every year I am determined to go to, Elvis week  Maybe next year.  It’s a week where Elvis tributes come from winning competitions from around the country all year to vie for the spot in the Memphis competition of the year. I can’t wait to go someday.  I have enjoyed seeing several people that I personally work with in the top competition positions.

The week consists of music, shows and everything Elvis.  It culminates to end on the day he died August 16, with beautiful memorials to the one and only.

Music changed forever with Elvis.  Even though it was not my generation, when I’ve looked back at the influence he made to music its astounding.  He  was such a gorgeous man with so much character and presence.

In my business, (Impersonating) I meet so many talented people who emulate Elvis.  I get to hear so much incredible music and the show usually ends with Elvis.

This is a shout out to Elvis friends everywhere.  If you are reading this please post below and say hey.  You know who you are!

Coty Alexander

Living Las Vegas. I have a picture with Bill Clinton

Well, It’s kinda cool that I saw the president backstage in Las Vegas.  He actually shook my hand, and me and some of my cast mates from Legends in Concert got a picture with him. Obviously there were too many pictures flashing. Daisy was the only one looking. A few months prior I saw Obama with a brigade down Warm Springs street and I got some video.  It was pretty epic actually.  Such is this blessed life I have. We must appreciate the moments.LIC AND BILL CLINTON

My life as Madonna

IMG_5210In the past 35 days I have traveled all over the country and even out of the country. I have done 15 different Madonna looks and sang more than 30 different Madonna songs.  I got some great pictures out of it.   Continue reading

Presenting at the Global Gaming Entertainment awards was a blast!

It was so much fun to be a celebrity presenter for the G2E Awards.  I have some great shots from backstage.  These shots are of me with  Brad Garrett, Carrot Top, Murray and Chloe and Kelly Clinton.  Other Vegas Elite attending were Wayne Newton, Richard Sturm, the Mayor, Robin Leach, and John Katz.  IMG_3825 IMG_3826 2 IMG_3827 2 IMG_3828 2

Viva Legends at Mill Bay Casino.

Our show got cancelled last week due to some changes on the roster.  We are set to head to Washington again! Madonna, Michael, Aretha and Elvis will be making an appearance in their outdoor amphitheater.  It should be a beautiful night.  All one name acts.  It’s going to be an awesome show!  Hope to see you there.

Mill Bay Casino

455 Wapato Lake Road

Manson, WA 98831



Love is Love video shoot

I love this shot!  This is a photo from last weeks video shoot of Love is Love.  Meanwhile, one of the songwriters is the one in the middle, and the rest are the tribute World’s elite.

Left to Right

Sharon Owens as Barbara Streisand, Kelly Smith as Cher, Katie Murdock as Britney Spears, Sandy Anderson as Dolly Parton, Mark Mercer as himself (writer), Katie Steele as Kathy Griffin, Coty Alexander as Madonna, and Tierney Allen as Lady Gaga

Love is Love video shoot