See the Immaculate Pretension, Coty Alexander’s tribute to Madonna at SummerfestBrea festival in Brea, CA. June 3rd, 2017

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My Life as Madonna

Here are some highlights from a crazy week in the life of a performer in Vegas.

I had a job as Madonna in Chicago on Saturday for a very cool baby boomer couple, and then a corporate job featuring two of my acts in two different shows at the Encore conference center for PFA on Tuesday.

Happy Birthday to the amazing Madonna! Thank you for giving me an incredible career!

My life as Madonna

IMG_5210In the past 35 days I have traveled all over the country and even out of the country. I have done 15 different Madonna looks and sang more than 30 different Madonna songs.  I got some great pictures out of it.   Continue reading

I have so much work to get into costume. Check out some of my costumes as Madonna.

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Presenting at the Global Gaming Entertainment awards was a blast!

It was so much fun to be a celebrity presenter for the G2E Awards.  I have some great shots from backstage.  These shots are of me with  Brad Garrett, Carrot Top, Murray and Chloe and Kelly Clinton.  Other Vegas Elite attending were Wayne Newton, Richard Sturm, the Mayor, Robin Leach, and John Katz.  IMG_3825 IMG_3826 2 IMG_3827 2 IMG_3828 2

Love is Love video shoot

I love this shot!  This is a photo from last weeks video shoot of Love is Love.  Meanwhile, one of the songwriters is the one in the middle, and the rest are the tribute World’s elite.

Left to Right

Sharon Owens as Barbara Streisand, Kelly Smith as Cher, Katie Murdock as Britney Spears, Sandy Anderson as Dolly Parton, Mark Mercer as himself (writer), Katie Steele as Kathy Griffin, Coty Alexander as Madonna, and Tierney Allen as Lady Gaga

Love is Love video shoot