Elvis week in Memphis.

Every year I am determined to go to, Elvis week  Maybe next year.  It’s a week where Elvis tributes come from winning competitions from around the country all year to vie for the spot in the Memphis competition of the year. I can’t wait to go someday.  I have enjoyed seeing several people that I personally work with in the top competition positions.

The week consists of music, shows and everything Elvis.  It culminates to end on the day he died August 16, with beautiful memorials to the one and only.

Music changed forever with Elvis.  Even though it was not my generation, when I’ve looked back at the influence he made to music its astounding.  He  was such a gorgeous man with so much character and presence.

In my business, (Impersonating) I meet so many talented people who emulate Elvis.  I get to hear so much incredible music and the show usually ends with Elvis.

This is a shout out to Elvis friends everywhere.  If you are reading this please post below and say hey.  You know who you are!

Coty Alexander