A Great Gift Idea! From your favorite Iconic Blond!

With new times, comes new ways to entertain.  Here’s a couple of mine!today-gwen-tim

I have been on Fiverr for years, and at this time it is a potential money making venture, so I thought I’d let people know that I am recording Ads and things in my various character voices here.  Check this link Fiverr jobs


A great gift idea for the time!!! Right now I’m also sending happy wishes out to people, which includes anything from Birthdays, Anniversay’s, Cheer-ups and Congratulations!  Click the link for examples and remember I do Madonna, Marilyn, Gwen and Gaga. A card cost $7-$10 these days, a live greeting is just a bit more!  A great gift idea Cameo video Greetings

Gwen Cameo Coty

Lucky Star Coty

La Isla Bonita Coty

Gaga Spoof on Debauched by Villanous 

Like a Virgin Coty

Give Me All Your Love

Marilyn Happy Birthday Coty