Immaculate Pretension – A Madonna Tribute Production

Immaculate Pretension Demo


So Blessed and Thankful for upcoming work.

Lowe’s Stadium, Los Angeles for Corporate event September 5th

Downtown Cabaret Theater, Bridgeport, CT. September 14-17th

Las Vegas Corporate Appearance Aria, October 3

Oahu Corporate Appearance October 17th

Autism Fundraiser, Dallas, TX.  Performance October 20thBTT80s2 Flyer

Norwegian Pearl Legends in Concert December 23-January 20th


2 1/2 weeks to Summerfest, Brea in Brea, California

The Immaculate Pretension, Coty Alexander’s new tribute show to Madonna appears at Summerfest, Brea on June 3rd at 7:00 pm in Brea, California



See the Immaculate Pretension, Coty Alexander’s tribute to Madonna at SummerfestBrea festival in Brea, CA. June 3rd, 2017

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“I’m performing on the 80’s cruise, who’s going on the cruise?

The 80s Cruise

My Life as Madonna

Here are some highlights from a crazy week in the life of a performer in Vegas.

I had a job as Madonna in Chicago on Saturday for a very cool baby boomer couple, and then a corporate job featuring two of my acts in two different shows at the Encore conference center for PFA on Tuesday.

Happy Birthday to the amazing Madonna! Thank you for giving me an incredible career!