Feeling Excited!! I will get some work as Gwen Stefani again, now that she will be doing The Voice. Here are some of the magazine covers I did when I was in Legends as Gwen.

TodayGwenTimWhats On Coty as GwenCover Gwen DianaCOTY GWEN 1 copyCoty as Gwen Stefani

Coty Alexander Plays Madonna in Legends in Concert in Niagara Falls

I just finished a two week run in Niagara Falls as Madonna April 3-13, 2014.  What a top notch facility with an amazing crew!  I had a blast with some of the best impersonators in the business.  We also had a little time on screen with a reality TV show and some downtime for sight seeing.  ImageThis is all the ladies in the cast.