So Blessed and Thankful for upcoming work.

Lowe’s Stadium, Los Angeles for Corporate event September 5th

Downtown Cabaret Theater, Bridgeport, CT. September 14-17th

Las Vegas Corporate Appearance Aria, October 3

Oahu Corporate Appearance October 17th

Autism Fundraiser, Dallas, TX.  Performance October 20thBTT80s2 Flyer

Norwegian Pearl Legends in Concert December 23-January 20th



Coty Alexander sings Madonna’s Get Into the Groove live Acoustic

Living Las Vegas. I have a picture with Bill Clinton

Well, It’s kinda cool that I saw the president backstage in Las Vegas.  He actually shook my hand, and me and some of my cast mates from Legends in Concert got a picture with him. Obviously there were too many pictures flashing. Daisy was the only one looking. A few months prior I saw Obama with a brigade down Warm Springs street and I got some video.  It was pretty epic actually.  Such is this blessed life I have. We must appreciate the moments.LIC AND BILL CLINTON