I was part of a midnight shoot in downtown Las Vegas as Marilyn Monroe for a Prada Fall Winter camgaign 2018

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Hi Everyone, This happened a while ago, but I was part of a secretive midnight shoot in downtown Las Vegas as Marilyn Monroe for a Prada.  It was all hush hush and we were not told we were doing a … Continue reading


So Blessed and Thankful for upcoming work.

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Lowe’s Stadium, Los Angeles for Corporate event September 5th Downtown Cabaret Theater, Bridgeport, CT. September 14-17th Las Vegas Corporate Appearance Aria, October 3 Oahu Corporate Appearance October 17th Autism Fundraiser, Dallas, TX.  Performance October 20th Norwegian Pearl Legends in Concert … Continue reading

Gwen Stefani anyone? Coty Alexander as Gwen Stefani

Coty Alexander performs live in Legends in Concert as Gwen Stefani and is currently available for freelance events.  Please see my Gwen Stefani Album on my Facebook page or click on the Gwen Stefani link here:  Or go to

Thank you!TodayGwenTim


New Madonna Costumes under Construction

One of the fun parts about my job is the costumes that I get to wear for artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Marilyn.  It is a time consuming and costly task that I have always been dedicated to.  My home includes an entire room filled with wigs, shoes, makeup and sewing supplies to house all of my characters designs.

I’m very excited to announce the construction of several new costumes in my Madonna repertoire.  In my Madonna set I change costumes 5 times. I will debut them all in my Long Island, NY job with Legends at the Gateway theater.  What you’ll see is a new replica that’s original was recently sold for $72k, and a new Like a Virgin dress, both of which, I am personally building.  I also have two exact replicas being built by professionals, the White 70’s suit from the Madonna Confessions Tour Tour by Roberta at Design Concepts, and the Vogue costume from her MDNA Tour coming all the way from DeeNa in Thailand.


Coty Alexander as Madonna

Stay Tuned for pictures!


Coty and Katie Gaga are going Gaga tonight at MGM!

Coty Gaga PurpleThe Legends Gaga’s will be front and center tonight at the Lady Gaga concert.  Kate’s going with Bell’s on…I mean shell’s on.  I forgot my Bubbles, so I’ll be going as myself.  It seems like a nice place to dress up though.  Everyone’s doing it!  Let me know if you will be there too.